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Commercial Heating

Heating your premises can account for a large part of your overheads; at Brogan Fuels we offer the best and most cost-effective fuel for your individual needs.

Fuels for heating include gas oil and kerosene, but for our customers that are keen on using an environmentally-friendly option, we also supply our specialist gas oil, GreenFlame and our cleaner burning Premium Kerosene.

Green Flame
A direct replacement for standard gas oil, this cleaner burning fuel can significantly reduce emissions. It is kinder to the environment without any reduction in performance; furthermore it requires no modifications to your heating system.

Premium Kerosene
The manufacturers are ISO 9001 accredited for the design, manufacture and distribution of their Exocet branded fuel additives for gas oil, heating oil, diesel and so much more.

Both products are used in over 240 UK & Ireland fuel distributor depots in many thousands of end user applications. All of our commercial customers have found that using GreenFlame or Premium Kerosene has solved their problems and substantially enhanced their business.