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Fuel & Lubricants

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With our bespoke fleet of tankers, we can offer a reliable delivery of our complete fuel range to ensure your site never stands still.

Multiple drop and site work
Your construction business may work on different sites at various times of the year and you may need to store different types of fuel on these sites.

We can offer multiple drop and multiple site deliveries, allowing smaller volumes of different fuels to be delivered via the same tanker.

We can also offer:

  • Emergency deliveries
  • Top up service
  • Metered Deliveries
  • Full traceability of orders
  • Multi compartment vehicles for diesel and gas oil orders

To make sure your construction machinery is working to maximum performance we also have a comprehensive range of Total and Shell lubricants designed specifically for the construction sector.

With automated top up services, metered deliveries and multi-compartment vehicles you can set up and forget about the bulk fuel requirements of your business.