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Frequently Asked Questions

The grade of gas oil you require will depend on your end use.

European legislation states that all gas oil used in off-road vehicles is required to have a sulphur content of no more than 10ppm (parts per million).

We offer low sulphur dyed diesel, FAME-free and standard gas oil grades to meet this legislation.

For commercial heating can use either standard gas oil or GreenFlame, our cleaner alternative to regular gas oil.

During the winter the fuel will contain an additive to prevent waxing.

Can I schedule my deliveries so that I don’t run out of oil?
We offer a top up service so that your fuel levels are topped up when you are running low.

Fuel orders are typically 2-3 days in the summer, but depending on demand the delivery window may vary. Please check with us when ordering.

If you need an emergency delivery please say so when you order.

Our extensive delivery network allow us to go the extra mile to ensure you receive fuel when and where you need it.

There are a number of options including invoicing, credit and debit card payments, cheques and Direct Debit. Contact us on 0345 300 8844 to discuss your options.

Payment terms vary depending on the customer. Contact us on 0345 300 8844 to discuss your options.

Send an email to marketing@certasenergy.co.uk with your business name and account number and we’ll arrange for all your invoices to be sent electronically.