Further Services

Brogan Fuels offers you a range of products and services in addition to your fuel requirements.


Strict oil and fuel storage regulations have now come into force, which may mean that your current storage isn't compliant.

To be sure, we can arrange for an OFTEC registered engineer to give your tank a free inspection and offer advice regarding its condition. If you need a new tank, we can also supply and install a range of different sizes with bunding.

Visit the Team Energy website to find out more information on our range of heating oil tanks.

Spill Kits

We offer you a range of spill control products to suit your needs, from kits to deal with small spills through to ones that can deal with spills of up to 1000 litres of fuel.

To find out more information on our range of Spill Kits, please visit the Team Energy website.

Oil Monitoring & Security

Brogan Fuels offers a range of devices that monitor the oil levels in your tank and help keep your oil secure. Monitoring devices like the Watchman Alarm and Watchman Sonic warn you when your oil levels drop suddenly due to leaks or oil thefts.

Please click here to visit the Team Energy website and find out more about Oil Monitoring and Security equipment.

To get more information on any of these products, please contact us today.